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With Susi safe in England, Moses tried hard to get entry visas to England for the rest of his family. Just after Susi left for England, Moses was informed by the British Consulate that he and his family would be allowed to immigrate to the British Mandate of Palestine.

In August 1939, Moses, Chane, and Sala left Berlin for Palestine. Even though the family had to abandon their money and valuables, they were excited to escape Nazi persecution. 

Translation of receipt for Ginsberg property allowed to leave Germany: 

Moses Ginsberg of C2 Kaiser Wilhelm 31

These objects were approved for shipment abroad on March 22, 1939, and are in accordance with Section 57 of the law about foreign exchange control (limited property allowance for emigrants) of January 1, 1933, and December 12, 1938. This approval is not transferable and becomes void after three months. 


1 electric cooling cupboard (icebox--the precursor to the refrigerator)

1 radio

1 pair of blankets/quilts

1 couch

Items were received/delivered (at the Berlin office) on July 3, 1939. 

Property Receipt
Property Receipt 2

Stamp: The Senior Finance Governor of Berlin, Foreign Exchange Control Office, Berlin C2 22 March 1939 with the signature of approval. 

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