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Today you will learn about a Jewish family living in Berlin, the Ginsbergs. Their story starts in 1892 in Wisnicz, Poland, near Krakow, where parents Moses Ginsberg and Chane Schon were born.  After marrying, Moses and Chane wanted to flee anti-Jewish pogroms in Poland so they traveled to Berlin, Germany. Later, when Nazi leaders would distinguish between German-born Jews and foreign-born Jews, the Ginsberg family would be part of the unfortunate second group.  In Germany, daughters Sala and Susi were born.

Birth Certificate of Moses

Birth Certificates of the Ginsberg Family

Moses Joel Ginsberg: It is hereby certified based upon the birth register of 1892, Page 183, Registry No. 113, that Moses Joel Ginsberg, son of Jakob Leib Ginsberg of Wisnicz and his wife Feigel Ginsberg nee Sandel from Wisnicz, was born on November 26, 1892, and he was circumcised on December 3, 1892. He was given the name Moses Joel. The midwife Helena Placzksewiz from Wisnicz assisted the birth. The circumcision was conducted by Saul Wirtheimer from Wisnicz. Godparents were Josef Sandel from Wisnicz and Unknown.

Chane Schön: It is hereby certified based upon the birth register of 1892, Page 116, Registry No. 69, that Chane Feigel Schön, daughter of Unknown and his wife Sara Schön nee Schön from Wisnicz was born on May 12, 1892, and she was given the name Chane Feigel on May 16, 1892. The midwife Tresa Stechler from Wisnicz assisted the birth. Leib Schön from Wisnicz served as name giver. Issued at Wisnicz on March 23, 1923.

Birth Certificate of Chane
Birth Certificate of Susi (front)
Birth Certificate of Susi (back)

Susi Ginsberg: No. 288 Berlin, May 17, 1926. Midwife Anna Glomm, a resident of Berlin at Romienternstrasse 14, appeared before the undersigned registry official today to report that Chane Feigel Gunsberg nee Schön, the wife of the merchant Moses Gunsberg, both residents of Warschauerstrasse 83, gave birth to a girl on May 10, 1926, at 2:30 p.m., and the child was given the name Susi. Read, approved, and signed by Anna Glomm.

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