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Propaganda Exhibit

Hitler and the Nazi party rose to power on the platform of restoring pride in Germany and improving daily life for Germans. He blamed Jews and other minority groups for Germany’s problems. Hitler wanted a continuous campaign to persuade Germans to believe in his ideology. In 1933, he created the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda and appointed Joseph Goebbels as director. Propaganda influenced the thoughts and actions of Germans. 


The Nazi party had complete control of all media. Newspapers, posters, radio, and all public information had to be approved. Additionally, the Nazi party created and published false news that was detrimental to the Jews. The Reich Chamber of Culture controlled all aspects of culture, including but not limited to, film, music, literature, and theater. If someone did not comply with the new guidelines, he would lose his job or be imprisoned. Jews were not allowed to work in the media.

Der Ewige Jude
Anti Semitic envelopes


Der Ewige Jude, German for “The Eternal Jew,” is a one-hour propaganda film. It was directed by Fritz Hippler, the president of the Reich Film Chamber, who also received input from Joseph Goebbels. Premiering on November 29, 1940, the film shows video footage from the Łódź and Warsaw Ghettos and portrays Jews as rats and parasites. The end of the movie features a clip of Hitler addressing the Reichstag (German Parliament) on January 30, 1939, in which he calls for the end of European Jewry.


Der Ewige Jude was also a traveling museum exhibition from 1937 to 1939. The exhibit was pure Nazi propaganda, highlighting antisemitic stereotypes and myths. The exhibition, viewed by over 400,000 people, was promoted throughout Germany via posters, newspapers, radio, and even stamped onto mail. 

In this poster promoting the museum exhibit in Vienna, the Jew is negatively portrayed with a large nose and hunchback. He is holding gold coins, begging for more, and is seen as greedy. He is holding a map of Germany’s enemy, the USSR, denoting his relationship to communism.


The yellow text at the bottom of the poster translates, "Big political exhibit in the Nordwestbahnhalle in Vienna. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m." The January 21, 1938 letter bears two hand stamps over the postage stamp. The rectangular and circular stamps both say: Visit the exhibition, “Der Ewige Jude” in Vienna.


This French leaflet from 1943 draws a connection between three prominent Jewish figures, terrorism and Bolshevism (communism). Léon Trotzky-Bronstein was a Russian Marxist revolutionary and played a crucial role in the Russian Revolution in October 1917. Bela Kuhn was a Hungarian communist activist and politician and led the Hungarian Revolution in 1919. Léon Blum was a popular French socialist politician. The leaflet suggests that all Jews were outspoken socialists, advocating for social and government reform. In reality, only a few Jews voiced such strong opinions. By painting all Jews as revolutionaries associated with communism and terrorism, Nazi Germany was able to scare French society into believing that all Jews were a threat. 

French leaflet- front



Jewish Terrorism

The Russian revolution began with terrorism organized by the Jew Trotzky-Bronstein

The communist revolution of Hungary started with a wave of terrorism led by the Jew Bela Kuhn

In Spain, the civil war also started with a wave of terrorism, incited by the Jew Bela Kuhn who came especially from Russia for this purpose

In France, the Jew Léon Blum worked for the Bolsheviks in 1936.



In 1943, behind the "patriotic" terrorists are Jews from British and American radio services, Jewish bankers of Wall Street, and the City (London).


Behind terrorism

Behind bolshevism

Always the Jews...

Frenchmen, beware...

French leaflet- back


This is a propaganda poster with a quote from a speech that Hitler gave on January 30, 1939, to the Reichstag (German Parliament). This threat was part of a longer speech on foreign policy in which Hitler wanted other countries to stay out of Germany’s war for domination. This speech prophesying that European Jewry would be destroyed confused 1939 audiences who could not conceive of that outcome, but by 1941 there was a clear government plan to annihilate European Jewry.

Hitler Speech Poster


If European and non-European Jews employed

in finance, succeed in once again plunging the

nations into a world war, then the result will not be the victory of Jewry, but rather the annihilation

of the Jewish race in Europe

Adolf Hitler


Weekly saying of the NSDAP, (National German Socialist Workers Party) published by the Reichspropagandaleitung (Department for Propaganda), Episode 37, September 7-13, 1941. Head publisher of the NSDAP, Munich.


This series of cartoons draws upon and reinforces Jewish stereotypes. The Jew, seen on the left, is portrayed with an exaggerated, hooked nose. This is a common stereotype that portrays Jews as odd-looking and undesirable. In both writing and images, Nazi propaganda portrays Jews as morally, intellectually, and physically inferior. 

The black market is an illegal traffic or trade in officially controlled items. This cartoon suggests that Jews were running the black market and that because the black market existed, honest Germans had less food and other scarce commodities. 

Left to right:

Who is the master of the black market? The Jew. Shady business, scandalous profits, is it not best for Jews?


It would be much better not to have long lines for housewives to buy butter without ration cards, and eggs at 10 francs a piece…

…and to dissipate the latest lies from Radio-London.


Frenchmen! Avoid the Jew and his

lies and good little businesses

without ration cards.


You who wait in interminable lines to

obtain skimpy sustenance…

…do you know that without the black

market, a larger share would be possible.

French cartoon- who is the master of the black market?
French cartoon- avoid the jew and his lies


Der Stürmer, German for “The Stormer,” was a private newspaper published by Julius Streicher on a weekly basis from 1923 until 1945. While not an official publication by the Nazi Party, its propaganda vehemently attacked the Jews. Each issue contained references to antisemitic myths, such as Jews being cunning and wanting to take over the world. 

Nazis purposely misinterpreted the Torah and rabbinic sayings to negatively influence German society against Jews. In the 1930s, people expected newspapers to be truthful, so readers blindly accepted what they read. 


Left Headline: Jewish Proverbs: 

The Jew in the mirror of the Judean wisdom

Every person has their own, strict demarcated character. Folk wisdom goes from mouth to mouth. The proverbs are the mirror in which all the virtues and mistakes of a nation are visible.

The Jewish people are the caricature of humanity. The Jew looks at wealth as the highest good, poverty being a curse-of God. So say Jewish Proverbs, some of which come from the Talmud:

A heavy purse creates a calm conscience.

The gold shines through the mud.

The rich man sleeps while his interest grows.

Interest rates are growing without the rain.

After a conflagration, you get richer than you were before.

I have better than you have.

Nobody got rich without stealing something.

If I give it to you, take it. If you want to take something from me, cry!

One thank you, you cannot put in your pocket. 

A poor man is like a sack of holes.

What good is the honor of dying of hunger?

When the Jew takes a wife, then he looks only at the money and the external. The intrinsic value of the marriage is unknown to him.

The Jewish Proverb says:

The daughter of a rich man is always pretty.

A pretty daughter is half a dowry.

Blessed be the man who finds a pretty wife, his days are counted twice.

A rich woman can have children twice a year.

A woman is good for the body, not for the soul.

The contempt of the Jews, Gentiles, Torah, and Talmud pervades, is also found in the Jewish texts.


More sayings:

The more the non-Jew is a cattle, the bigger the mazel (happiness).

Even if you smear the non-Jew with honey, it will always stink like feces.

This cursed race becomes clear in its intentions.  

So say the proverbs:

It is wise to visit the Jews only in the synagogue.

One should never give the Jew what he demands, he could blame himself for not demanding anymore.

The Jew is much better off than the baptized: the Jew can be baptized, but the most satisfied.

A Jewish soul is priceless.

The best advice is to make a financial statement from death.

After this last word, the Jew acted by unleashing the war. However, he has miscalculated. The German arms ensure that the Jewish money business of the world will collapse.

Right Headline: Ominous Jewish Propaganda in the Democracies

Article text: The French doctor Celine saw everything in advance in France in his book "Ecole des Cadavres. The École des Cadavres, published in 1938 means “School of Corpses”, an anti-Semitic book. The book says the evil of all time is Jews. Quotes from the book: "Who did the most for the worker? It's not Stalin, it's Hitler. All wars, all revolutions, are in the end only pogroms of Aryans organized by the Jews. The Negroid Jew bungling, tint marring parasite, cretinously virulent parodist, has always proved to be wholly incapable of civilizing the smallest township of his own looters… Jews, racially, are monsters, hybrids, torn wolves who must disappear... In human breeding, it is, bluffing aside, only gangrene-affected bastards, pests, and rippers. The Jew has never been persecuted by the Aryans. He persecuted himself… Personally, I find Hitler, Franco, Mussolini fabulously debonair, admirably magnanimous, infinitely too much, in my opinion, pacifists who say it all".


Article text: We are already in the middle of the war, so to speak, the dance has already begun. One could rightly answer me, "Why does it bother you (Jews), you will be dismissed in the first hour, you will not suffer much from the war! Right, that's a blessing. I could let things take their course. (Jews) wait for the inevitable end with dignity. I could squat (Jews) in some corner, to die last of all.” But unfortunately, even on the edge of the abyss, there are still idiots who cannot "do enough on shameless crawls." It is the generous screamers who lure you out of your hiding places. What a fierce thing! Never did the babblers continue to obey... The fairground of words rages and roars. The big papers are roaring in the Services of the World Conspiracy Léon Blum… Let's get straight to the point! Democracies want war, they will eventually have it! Democracies, subjugated, faded Aryan masses, confused, hypnotized, by the Jews. Jews, personality deprived, to the contrary, learned brother-brotherly hatred. Paralyzed, we Germans are driven mad by the devilish propaganda of the Jewish radio, cinema, press, masonic lodge, Marxists, and socialists.

Bottom Left Slogan: The destiny of All Jews will come true.

Photo and caption bottom right: Who is this? Fritz Kortner, a Jew, plays in the German theater. It is obvious that he has a lot of Negro blood in his veins. (Fritz Kortner was an extremely popular Jewish Austrian stage and film actor and director. He appeared in over ninety films beginning in 1916. Kortner fled Germany in 1933.)


Left Headline: Jew-baiting in Caillaux, a memory from the world war

Article text: France had never intended to come to a reasonable settlement with Germany. Such compensation would have been contrary to the Jewish world plan. This plan, however, demanded the maintenance of hostility between Germany and France. The Freemasons and Jews in France were anxious to stop communication at the end of the world war of 1917… Germany's readiness for peace was known, and even the small pensioner, Freemason, of the French, who was worried about his Russian papers, was in a mood that was favorable to ending the war. But all this did not fit into the account of the world Jews, who wanted to continue the war under all circumstances.

Middle Left Headline: The orders of the god of war Yahweh

Article text: Recently we visited the ghetto of a big city. There we saw Jews walking around in masses. We had an opportunity to investigate Jewish apartments. We also visited a ritual bath. And finally, we talked to two rabbis. They wailed over the "poor chosen people" that Jehovah has designated to bring the world culture and blessing. "Our God is a God of love and peace,” these rabbis mumbled. We pulled our Bible and showed the Talmud Jews some warlike orders of their so warlike God; B. 1 Samuel 15: 3: "Go and strike the enemies and kill them with everything they have. Do not spare them, but kill man and woman, child and sibling, ox and sheep, camels and donkeys!" (Excerpt from when God told the Jews to attack the Amalekites.)

Bottom Center Headline: The March to the Concentration Camp: The Jews in Italy

Article text: In Italy, the Jews, as in Germany, are excluded from popular life. A fascist law forbids them to do military service in peace and in war. It has become uncomfortable for the Jews in Italy. The blows of the German Wehrmacht (military), which flashed down on the Jewish lands of England and France, and Italy's entry into the war, made it clear to the Jew that soon he would lose his laugh. The fight against the Italians in Italy is in the sign of the poet Dante Alighieri: "Be men and not stupid sheep, so that the Jew among you does not laugh at you!" (Paradiso V). In Ancona and other Italian cities, fascist militants have distributed leaflets. On this one sees a gallows and the words: "You Jews altogether, prepare to climb the gallows!"


The Roman Sunday paper "Quadrivio-Tevere" of May 26, 1940, has an editorial that answers the question: "What to do with the Jews?" in the following words: "The Jew has begun to fear. The Jew knows that the war will bring him no luck in Italy, and we believe that the Jew cannot stay at home in the war. If the Jew does not wear a military uniform, then he can wear the uniform of a concentration camp! We are not afraid of one or the other.  It is just an act of cleanliness. It is about liberating the people from its parasites. To have the Jews baptized, to change their family name, and so on… The Jews in Italy are not very numerous. And actually, are already concentrated. Their final concentration is theirs."  You see, even for the Italians, there is no longer any remorse in the treatment of the Jewish question.


Bottom left slogan: "Those who fight against the Jews are struggling with the devil." -Streicher


Top left Headline: Thanks from Der Stürmer

Five years passed in 1938 when Der Stürmer became a caller in battle. Der Stürmer became a star in a struggle for the salvation of the German people from the Jews! The fact that we are now very close to being redeemed from the Jews, is thanks to the people of Germany who are brave and willing to sacrifice.

Bottom Left Headline: We are free of Jews

The end of these hard weeks had the consequence that numerous communities and districts of the empire now are Jewish-free. From all parts of Germany, letters are sent to Der Stürmer by freemasons, who express their joy about it, that their hometown has been freed from the plague of the Jews.


The following towns have become Jewish free: Asch, Dingolfing, Eichstätt, Neustadt an der Aisch, Uffenheim-Windsheim. 

The following cities have become Jewish free: Altenmuhr, Baasem near Eifel, Eger, Hüttenbach near Laus, Kleinwallstadt near Mainz, Königstein near Taunus, Landau in der Pfalz, Marienbad.

Bottom Left Slogan: "Those who fight against the Jews are struggling with the devil." -Streicher

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