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2014 LS JDS Showing 2

Arrange A Live Exhibit

The Virtual Holocaust Museum is committed to Holocaust education. We are proud to be able to bring parts of the collection to your university, synagogue, church, high school, middle school, and community center. Please contact us to arrange a private showing.

This exhibit is unique for three key reasons:

  • Visitors have the incredible opportunity to be within inches of the items and with no display glass in the way. Being so close to historic items is extremely engaging. It is more powerful than reading a book, watching a movie, or even visiting a museum.

  • The exhibit comes to your location at your desired time.

  • The exhibit can be customized for your audience. The museum curators have prepared several exhibits that target middle school, high school, and adult audiences. Choose to have a VHM speaker or have your own speaker. Or, let the items speak for themselves.

About VHM

About the Virtual Holocaust Musem and the
Philip Newman Holocaust Artifact Collection

The items in this collection were purchased by Dr. Philip Newman between 1970 and 1990. A philatelist, Dr. Newman saw Holocaust artifacts for sale in stamp catalogs and wondered who would buy them and if they would be preserved. Eventually, Dr. Newman decided to buy the items himself. By 1980, Dr. Newman had collected hundreds of Holocaust artifacts. He decided to use the items to educate others. Dr. Newman envisioned an online museum that would be capable of reaching a wider audience. The collection is now managed by the Virtual Holocaust Museum, a self-funded, private organization that seeks to promote the artifact collection and educate the public about the Holocaust. Volunteer staff digitizes, catalogs, researches, preserves, and promotes the items in the collection and adds content to the website. Staff is also available to organize in-person exhibits and work with those outside the organization to create meaningful live programs.

This website seeks to educate the public about the Holocaust through artifacts.

Thank You

Thank You

Rebecca Carin who worked tirelessly on website content

Katherine Papadopulos of Katherines Websites, LLC who created this website

Students and parents from the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School who recorded the tours

Esther Toporek Finder, Holocaust scholar, who reviewed this website for accuracy


The USHMM who allowed the use of many photos from their website 

Volunteer translators from JewishGen Viewmate

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