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Jewish police medallions from ghettos

Ghetto police consisted of Jewish prisoners selected to carry out Nazi orders. They also ensured that deportations from the ghettos to the concentration camps ran smoothly. Some police were kind and some were not. Police were often given extra privileges such as uniforms, bicycles, and extra food rations. When the ghettos were liquidated, the ghetto police were also sent to concentration camps. 


Nazis needed to easily identify Jewish police when they entered the ghettos. The Jewish police wore identifying armbands and a hat with the official Jewish police medallion. 


These are the Jewish police medallions from Warsaw, Kielce, Tschentochau and Sosnowitz Ghettos. The Polish names of these towns are Warsaw, Kielce, Częstochowa, and Sosnowiec. 

Warsaw Police Medallion
Tschentochau Police Medallion
Kielce Police Medallion
Sosnowitz Police Medallion
Jewish Police Officers

Photo: Jewish policemen from the Łódź Ghetto pose for a group portrait 1940-1944, Łódź, Poland.

Photo credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Jehuda Widawski.

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