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How are the Holocaust and WWII different?

While the Holocaust was Germany’s active destruction of European Jewry and other minority groups, WWII was an international war of conquest where Germany invaded and occupied neighboring countries and other countries of the world fought back. The Holocaust started in 1933 with restrictions against the Jews. WWII started in 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. Hitler was the malefactor behind both the Holocaust and WWII. As Germany continued to incorporate other European nations into the Nazi empire, the Jews of those nations became victims of the Holocaust. 

Nazi Germany annexed or defeated these countries: Austria (1938), Czechoslovakia (1938 and 1939), Poland (1939), Denmark (1940), Norway (1940),  Luxembourg (1940), The Netherlands (1940), Belgium (1940), British Channel Islands (1940), France (1940 and 1942), Yugoslavia (1941), Greece (1941), Western USSR (1941), Lithuania (1941), Tunisia (1942), Italy (1943), Monaco (1943), Hungary (1944).

Post WW1 map

 European Countries After WWI

ww2 map german control

 The Nazi Empire in November 1942

Axis Powers: Germany, Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania.

Countries annexed or defeated by Russia: Albania (1939), Finland (1939), Estonia (1940), Latvia (1940). Libya was a colony of Italy.

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