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What were the Nuremberg Trials?

The Nuremberg Trials were an attempt to hold Nazis responsible for their roles in the Holocaust. In Nuremberg, Germany in November 1945, an international court convened to try 21 high-ranking Nazi officers. Of the 21, 11 received the death penalty, 7 received significant jail time, and 3 were set free.


Only about 200 other Nazis were put on trial in the following years, with the majority being found guilty. They were charged with crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the conspiracy to commit murder. 

Nuremberg Trials

Photo: View of the tribunal during a session of the Medical Case (Doctors') Trial in Nuremberg. December 9, 1946 - August 20, 1947, Nuremberg, Germany.

Photo credit: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hedwig Wachenheimer Epstein.

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