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July 18, 1943 Letter from Herman Shultze
July 18, 1943 Envelope from Herman Shultze

Series of Letters from 1941 to 1943 from Herman Shultze

July 18, 1943

Dear Mother and Sister Lisbeth, 

Yesterday I got your letter from June 29. By now I also received your packages and I thank you for everything, especially the toothbrush and for the money.  Health-wise, I am doing well and hope that is also the case with you. I return Gerhardt’s greetings from the bottom of my heart and would love very much to hear how his family is doing. You wrote about the death of his child but otherwise not much. I acknowledge Uncle Reinhardt’s help on your farm, and I am very thankful. Greetings to him and his family. How was your visit to the Rhine River?

Dearest Greetings,

Your Herman

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