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August 22, 1943 Letter from Herman Shultze
August 22, 1943 Envelope from Herman Shultze

Series of Letters from 1941 to 1943 from Herman Shultze

August 22, 1943

Dear Mother and Sister Lisbeth, 

Last week I got your letter from August 11th. I can also confirm receipt of 15 German Reich marks, for which I thank you very much. Your two packages from August 7th and 14th also arrived in good condition and I am especially thankful for them.


Thank you so much to Mrs. Schwartz for her contribution and many greetings to the Schwartz Family as well as all the other neighbors and acquaintances. I was very happy to hear about your good rye harvest. It is a lovely reward for your hard work. You wrote to me in your precious letter about Reinhardt’s new military drafting. To him and his family also I send the best greetings and also to the Neumann Family.

I am still healthy,


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