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May 24, 1942 Letter from Herman Shultze
May 24, 1942 Envelope from Herman Shultz

Series of Letters from 1941 to 1943 from Herman Shultze

May 24, 1942

Dear Mother and Dear Sister Lisbeth, 

Many thanks for your words and money. Hopefully, this letter finds you in the best health. How is our Willie doing? Is he healthy again? What is his family doing? Was Lisbeth there again? Since they are all by themselves, they probably have lots of work.  Hopefully, Frau Schwartz doesn’t give up on them. I thought a lot about Willie because the memories from our youth are unforgettable. If he is again well enough, can he please write to me more?


Greetings to all our friends, especially Uncle Karl.

Your Herman

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