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January 4, 1942 Letter from Herman Shultze
January 4, 1942 Envelope from Herman Shultze

Series of Letters from 1941 to 1943 from Herman Shultze

January 4, 1942

Dear Mother and Sister Lisbeth, 

The first letter of the new year I hope finds you in good health as I am in good health. All the best wishes for the new year.  I am longing to see you again. Thank you for your letter and money that you sent on October 14, 1941. Lisbeth—how are you doing in your new job? Hopefully, you will write to me about it in depth. I am so very happy that you found something suitable, and you can be at home. Greetings to all our friends and to the old uncles Karl and Willie and Frieda Neumann.

With warmest greetings to all of you,

Your Herman

Why do you think the letters from his sister and mom

mean so much to Herman?

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