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July 20, 1941 Letter from Herman Shultze
February 2, 1941 Envelope from Herman Shultze

Series of Letters from 1941 to 1943 from Herman Shultze

July 20, 1941

Dear Mother and Sister, 

The sad news about the death of our dear father came on Thursday. It pains me a lot that I couldn’t say goodbye and more and that I could not be with him on his last journey. Our dad was kind and loyal. I will honor his memory. His loss is hard, but we must bear it. You two should keep your heads high because he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. Please write soon, in more detail and at length. Please keep your composure. In deep sorrow.


Greetings from your Herman

How does Herman feel to be away from home

at the time of his father’s death?

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