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Bezalel Kösten Postcard- Front
Postcard from Bezalel Kösten

April 1942 Postcard from Bezalel Kösten in Sweden to His Parents in the  Łódź Ghetto

A postcard sent from Bezalel Kösten, 6 Bruksrägen, Hässelby-Vällingby, Sweden (not occupied during WWII) to S. Kösten in the  Łódź Ghetto on April 1, 1942.

Dear parents,

I presume that you have received my previous postcard. I am no longer in Halmstad. I am worried about you, that I have had no news from you. I've sent you some packages. I can send no more. Have you got the clothes I sent you?


I am on the way to Stockholm, for Passover begins in a few hours. I wish you the best of everything for Passover. May we be able to celebrate the next holidays in good health together. I have long heard nothing from my beloved brothers and sisters. Write to my uncle absolutely as soon as you can. Tell me how you are.

Greetings, kisses,

happy Passover,

Your Bezalel

Safe in Sweden but his parents and siblings are not.

How is Bezalel feeling?

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