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Letter from German Insurance Company

1944 Letter from a German Insurance Company to the SS Regarding the Insured

The German Insurance company is not certain about the fate of this woman in question and asks the S.S. (Schutzstaffel; Protection Squadrons, Nazi Police) agency to clarify what happened to the Jew to determine what should happen with her life insurance policy. The company thinks that the person is probably a Jew and has gone or has been sent out of the country, in which case the State becomes the beneficiary of the policy. There is a Jude stamp on the letter indicating the letter pertains to a Jew.


August 1, 1944

W 8, Kronenstr. 50-52, Berlin

To the chief of the security police and the SS Berlin.

Statement regarding the 11th Ordinance of the Reich Citizenship Act of 25.11.1941 (RGB1L, I 8.722).

For the purpose of filing a claim under a life insurance contract in accordance with 7 of the specified ordinance, we cannot with certainty recognize from our documents whether the conditions for the forfeiture of assets exist and, in accordance with 8 of the regulation, ask for the required determination.

Name: Lucie Sara Scheurenberg

Born on December 25, 1888, in Berlin

Last known domestic address: Berlin N 24, Elsasser Str. 54 Garth II

Current probable stay:?

Insurance No. 854 849

According to our records, the claimant is probably a Jew within the meaning of the Reich Citizenship Law and has German nationality. It can be assumed that she is abroad or has been deported, which we ask you to check. The information is required, as applicable; the insurance expired in favor of the Empire.

Signed from Sworowski

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