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Jewish Police Identity Card from Bedzin, Poland

Ghetto police were Jewish ghetto inhabitants who were selected to carry out Nazi orders. They also ensured that deportations from the ghettos to the concentration camps ran smoothly. Some police were kind and some were not. Police were often given extra privileges such as uniforms, bicycles, and extra food rations. When the final ghetto inhabitants were sent to concentration camps, the ghetto police were also sent to their deaths.


Jewish Police Identity card from Bedzin, Poland for Jakob Rosenberg. He was born on February 1, 1912.  He lived at Aw Wasser 1 in Bedzin. He is employed by the board of the Jüdische Interessenvertretung Bedzin (Representatives of Jewish Interests of Bedzin) as security guard #12.  He is expected to fulfill regulatory duties. We ask all administrative authorities to give him support as he carries out his duties. Dated March 12, 1941, valid until March 31, 1941. On the right: Hand stamped: Renewed until July 1,  1941” and “Renewed until September 30, 1941.

Jewish Police Identity Card Front
Jewish Police Identity Card Back
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