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Deggendorf DP Camp Work Certificate of Lilly Schwarz

This is the work certificate of Lilly Schwarz who was born in 1904.  The stamps on the certificate cover the post-war years 1946 to 1947.  

After the war, those that survived the concentration camps often had nowhere to go. Their homes were often inhabited by non-Jews who did not want them to return. The townspeople believed the antisemitic propaganda the Nazis had spread so they were hostile to returning Jews, who were sick and destitute. Usually, survivors wound up in Displaced Persons (DP) camps, set up by the Allies.  Deggendorf DP camp was in Bamberg, Germany. The 2,000 Jews there enjoyed two newspapers (one being a Zionist newspaper written in Yiddish), a large library, a theater group, a synagogue, a mikveh (Jewish ritual bath), and a kosher kitchen. The Organization for Rehabilitation through Training (ORT) operated a vocational training school at Deggendorf that offered training in various occupations.

Deggendorf DP Camp Work Certificate back
Deggendorf DP Camp Work Certificate front
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