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Nazi Party Campaign Poster

The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) had the most seats and therefore control of the German government before the 1930 election. The Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers’ Party/NSDAP) wanted to gain control of the government in the September 14, 1930 election. The Nazi party spent an unprecedented amount of money to win over voters. Well over one million pamphlets were produced and distributed.
The result of the election was that the SPD lost ten seats, but remained the largest party in the Reichstag, winning 143 of the 577 seats, while the Nazi Party dramatically increased its number of seats from 12 to 107. The Nazis thereby became the second-largest party in Germany. Two years later, at the July 1932 federal election, the Nazis became the largest party in the Reichstag and controlled the government. In January 1933, President Paul von Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor of Germany.

Propoganda posters like this one tied together the concepts that individual happiness and a healthy German nation will happen when the Nazi’s are in power, and that Germany’s problem is Jews. The argument on the campaign poster is: Jews only think of themselves. Germans need to recognize that all people are not equal and that Jews should be recognized as pariahs and outcasts. If you want happiness and peace and a healthy German nation, then vote for the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Nazi Party Campaign Poster
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