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Application from Organization in Palesti
Application from the Jewish National Fun

1944 Application from the Jewish National Fund

Application dated August 15, 1944, by the Jewish National Fund (Keren Hayesod) requesting the release and permission to immigrate to Palestine for the following Theresienstadt Ghetto inmates:

Emil Reich, male, born September 5, 1888, a married merchant from Bzenec, Czechoslovakia, with the most recent address of Theresienstadt.

His spouse Erna Reich was born on January 28, 1888, in Brenec-Pick.

Their daughter Nili Reich Wizer lives in Palestine.

The applicant is Mordechai Wizer, the son-in-law of Emil and Erna Reich. Emil’s parents are Aaron and Carolina Reich. Erna’s parents are Karl and Carolina Wasserpugel.


The application states: With this, we certify that Mordechai Wizer from Yaffo made his contribution to the Keren Kayemet LeYisrael for the year 5703-5704 (1944).

From the local committee of the Keren Kayemet LeYisrael. The National Committee for Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem. The Jewish National Fund.


Preprinted: According to the decision of the Jewish Agency for the Land of Israel, anyone seeking permission for aliyah (immigration to Palestine) for his relatives must attach this certificate. The certificate states biological relationships and that the applicant will guarantee that he will be able to look after them financially. He is employed. Witnesses to Mordechai’s employment are Tzar Buckman and Ami Herman.


Information about the applicant Mordechai Wizer:

Mordechai Wizer arrived in Palestine in 1933. Spouse: Nili Wizer arrived in Palestine in 1935, with the trip paid for by her parents Emil and Erna Reich.

Mordechai’s parents are Zvi and Tzila Wizer. Nili’s parents are Emil and Erna Reich.

Mordechai and Nili Wizer’s children are daughter Tzila (age 4) and daughter Miriam (age 6 months).

Other relatives in Palestine are Nili’s brothers Karl Reich, a soldier in the RAF (Royal Air Force), and Paul Reich, an electrician, who lives in Nakhalat Akhim, Jerusalem.


The soldier Karl Reich, who also wants his parents to emigrate, commits himself to support his parents Emil and Erna Reich, together with Mordechai Wizer. A separate application from Karl Reich has been filed.

The Reich parents needed the entry visas prior to

being put in the ghetto. Did this request work? 


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